After Effects, Syntheyes, Mocha, Realflow Artist

I have been freelancing for years and would now like to lock in a fulltime job now. Ya, I know, don’t we all. 😉 I of course will still consider freelance in the meantime though.

My primary website and demo reel is located at Syde Fx Ink
Email me at: torno @ sydefxink . com

I have strong knowledge in the following applications…

After Effects
Cinema 4D (currently learning it, but have a base knowledge of the interface)
Realflow (currently learning it, but have a base knowledge of the interface) I have a sample render on youtube here: WaterTest5

I have direct experience in the following areas…
– Compositing
– Chroma keying
– 3D motion tracking/matchmoving
– 2D tracking (point and planar)
– Virtual set construction
– Expression based animation (After Effects)
– Scripting (After Effects Sample)
– Logo/Rig removal
– 2K, 4K, True HD, HDV & Mini DV

I’m mostly known for my technical know how, fast learning abilities, friendly attitude and willingness to share ideas. I have worked on various projects over the years, like:

"Flight of the Conchords-Ladies of the World"

"Watson Twins-How Am I to Be"

"Alkaline Trio – Help Me"

"The Lazarus Project"

"Carmen Electra’s Aerobic Striptease – In The Bedroom"

"National lampoon’s Pledge this!"

Below is my resume of credits:


Feature Length
"High School Musical 3" (2008) Stargate Digital
"The Lazarus Project" (2008) Visual Stimulus
"Carmen Electra Aerobic Striptease" (2007) DNA Studio
"On The Doll" (2007) Doom Inc.
"Danni’s Tales" (2007) Snowlion Entertainment
"Hallettsville" (2007) Breakthrough Pictures
"G.I.Jesus" (2006) Cineville
“Pledge This!” (2006) Pledge This Holdings
“Light Years Away” (2006) Astrolite Entertainment
“The Indie Pendant” (2005) Vision Dynamics Entertainment Inc.
“The S.I.N.” (2001) Vision Dynamics Entertainment Inc.

Music Videos
Pistol Youth – "In My Eyes" (2008) More Funny LLC
Big Boi – "Something’s Gotta Give" (2008) Ghost Town Media
Alkaline Trio – "Help Me" (2008) Ghost Town Media
Bloc Party – "Mercury" (2008) Ghost Town Media
Watson Twins – "How Am I To Be" (2008) Ghost Town Media
Angela Simmons – "Center of Attention" (2008) Ghost Town Media
MGMT – "Electric Feel" (2008) Ghost Town Media
Laura Bryna – "Life Is Good" (2008) Ghost Town Media
MGMT – "Electric Feel" (2008) Ghost Town Media
Flight of the Conchords – "Ladies of the World" (2008) Ghost Town Media
Lyric’s Born – "I Like It, I Love It" (2008) Ghost Town Media
Sharam – "The one" (2008) Ghost Town Media
Straw – “Fourty Eight” (2004) AOI Records

Short Form
"Vision Of Blindness" (2008) David Gelb
"Sony – Reader Digital Book" (2008) Ghost Town Media
"The Other Side" (2008) Artemis Entertainment LLC
"RayBan-Tongue Tricks" (2008) Ghost Town Media
“Justice Angel” (2006) Artemis Entertainment LLC
“Dwelling” (2004) True Caliber
“Jungle Dave” (2003) Vision Dynamics Entertainment Inc.

"Camp Rock – What’s What Edition" (2008) Plastic Cow
"Breakthrough Pictures" (2007) Breakthrough Pictures
"Real Social Dynamics-Transformations" (2007)Nick Kho
"10 Minute TV" (2006) TriCoast Studios
"Asylum" (2006) Hyde Park Entertainment
"Night Skies" (2006) Night Skies Productions LLC
"Premonition" (2006) Hyde Park Entertainment
"Cult" (2006) American World Pictures

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