Form to load .mov in Fusion x64 bit (¿?)


I’m new here!

I’ve been searching for a thread like this, but all I found is relaconated with render in quicktime.

The fact is that I need to load .mov footage in Fusion x64 bit. But, thre is not quicktime for windows 64 bit.

I just need load, because major of my footage library is in .mov, and in this case, I need to work with a 5k image, load some fires and smokes, and Fusion 32 bit breaks when I change the position of one fire (Because the 5K image I suspect)

One friend that use Fusion since many years, can charge .mov footage in his fusion 64 bit. Atention, he only can load .mov, but he can’t do a quicktime render.

As he know, is because he has instaled K-Lite codec Pack 64bit 4.10. I try with 4.20, and I can’t load any .mov footage.

Somebody can load .mov footage in to fusion 64 bit with this codec pack or another option?

Alternative Quicktime 64 bit realy works to load .mov?

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