Attaching Image Plane/Projector to Boujou Camera path?

ok so i have this marker question posted in this forum:…on-t27117.html

one suggestion was to:

– 3d track the camera
– put a plane in 3d space where the table would be and project the footage onto it
– create a 2nd camera (your new rendercam) and put it over the table looking 90 degree down. this render will give you the table without movement, only the reflection on the table changes.

now i have a pretty good track for this footage, but when i import the track to fusion, whatever i put as an image, the image plane/projector doesn’t follow the camera movement. i tried connecting paths to the cameras translation and rotation, but that didn’t seem to work.

So my main question for this is, how do I make a 180 degree pan track work in fusion?

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