My very first Rotoscoping reel

Hello everyone!
I have been visiting this forum since a few months now. I spent some time on this forum, collecting pieces of advices and tips on how to get a start in the visual effects industry. I’m nineteen, I’m a student in a film school in France, studying maily on-set techniques, optics and film theory. But I also try to work on my own, in addition to my formation, to learn as much as I can in the visual effects area. I figured out really quickly by reading all the beginners topics that, rotoscoping was the most common way to get a start. That’s why I decided to try to build my own reel, in order to have something to show when I’ll be looking for an internship next summer. I worked on it all this summer, selecting my best works and I ended with this one minute long reel, only filled with roto work. I didn’t want to put anything else in it but roto and, I decided that maybe I would make another reel later for my other kinds of works like 3D compositing and color grading. Don’t know if it’s a good idea, but otherwise it seemed a bit messy.
So I’d really like to have your opinion about my work.
This is a work in progress reel, so I’m open to all your critics and advices and I’ll keep improving it.

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