FS: SGI Octane2


I have a SGI Octane2 for sale. The machine has been used for Maya 6.5 and Shake 3.5.

Here is the setup:

Octane2 – Later motherboard, supports 8GB Ram.
Dual 400Mhz R12k processors.
XBow 1.4
2Gb ram (All banks used, includes memory clip)
128mb VPro V12 card + 13W3 VGA adapter.
2 x 36Gig 10K drives. The machine comes installed with IRIX 6.5.26m + latest Nekoware software. Second disc contains loads of software which I haven’t yet installed such as Flame, Smoke, SoftImage3D & Jaleo.
SGI Keyboard and Microsoft Mouse.
External SCSI enclosure with Yamaha 8x4x24 CD-RW + SCSI cable.

I will include the means to re-install the OS if required on backup CD. I’ve primarily used the machine for Maya6.5 and Shake3.5, so it’s perfectly suited for that line of work.

I have replaced the PSU & drivebay fans with near silent ones. I can include the original fans if required.

I’ll ship to the UK and EU, please e-mail me for shipping costs. Offers over 600 GBP / 650 Euro / US$ 800 please. If you really want me to ship it to he US I could but it would cost a lot! I’m not parting the machine out. Please note this machine sells for over £1200 at resellers. Payment via bank transfer. Software licensing is the responsibilty of the purchaser.

Any interest please let me know. Photos and hinv on request. Many thanks.



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