Anyone looking for War-on-terror 3d models?

12 peice War On Terror character collection stage-01. Set of high-detail, low-impact character models ready for rigging. Ideal for real time apps and games. Range of weapons sets also available seperately. Max version includes animated CStudio biped. Models are unrigged.
Rational poly-counts make these models suitable for next-generation games, while a very high level of detail also makes them suitable for high-end render work. Models originally created for major DOD contractor for military training simulator.
Set includes
US Air Force Police Trooper
Police Urban Commando
Terrorist A
Terrorist B
Terrorist C
Terrorist D
Tactical SWAT Police Officer
US Airborne 101st Air Assault Division
UK 22SAS CRW Trooper
Israeli 890th Parachute Battalion Soldier
Iraqi Coalition trained Infantry
Russian Special Forces SPETSNAZ Commando

Many other models available in this series, including combat troops (of many nationalities), civilians, and rebel insurgents, plus region specific architecture and other military equipment.

The models in this set are not rigged. Weapons shown in renders are not included, but are available seperately.
Textures are available in a seperate zip download.

Just visit:…st01-p902.html

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