Shake interface issue

Hello. I have a question that’s been plaguing me for awhile now. I’m using Shake for a compositing project and everything works fine. I’m pulling a key from greenscreen footage, so I’m using the lookup/hls node. First time I set it up, it works fine, and I can mess with my levels to pull a nice key. However, when I save my work, and come back to it, I am absolutely unable to access the curves editor. Just to make sure that I’m not being completely dumb, the shortcut to bring up the tweaker is apple-t, right? For some reason it just won’t work, it just keeps toggling the time bar to display a different timecode. T, apple-t, shift-t, ctrl-t, alt-t, ctrl-alt-t, apple-ctrl-t, fn-ctrl-alt-shift-apple-capslock-t, every combination you could think of just makes it toggle between seconds and frames on the time bar. Not only that, but making a new node also doesn’t let me bring up the curves editor. Even making a new project won’t let me do it. The issue only seems to occur on my macbook pro, when working on one of the macs in the studio on other projects it works just fine. This isn’t an issue of transferring across computers, the entire project has been local from start to finish, or at least start to dead end. And if I leave shake alone for awhile, like a month or so, and start a new project, it works fine again, until I save and quit, and come back to it. Then we’re back to square one.

Does anyone have any idea what’s going on? Is there an issue with my mac registering the modifier keys? Because it seems like it always just thinks I’m hitting T. Do I have the wrong shortcut? Is there a weird setting somewhere that’d make it do this?

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