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Hey guys,

At home my major matchmove software is syntheyes, and due to some staff cuts I am now doing some matchmoving with the house’s software of choice PFTrack. I have a strong understanding of it for a basic level, but there is one issue that I am having that I was hoping someone would be able to help me with.

I have an extremely long 1900 frame Aerial shot which I autotracked, cleaned up and added a few supervised of my own. When setting the scene orientation I align everything to the ground plane and all is well. Not quite… The solve goes smooth up until the revolution around the center of interest gets to the opposite side it started on. It is there that the scene orientation is way off target and is not even close to matching the ground plane.

What I am asking is how I would go about aligning the ground plane throughout the entire shot in PFTrack given the info I have shared. Sadly I cannot share the footage, but to give an example; "Large building on the left is center of interest and helicopter does a 180 around it with very little movement other than the general revolution.

Thanks a lot for your time guys.


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