my first compositing shot !!!

first of all thx for all those great members of vfxtalk who used to answer all my cough-stupid-cough questions in the beginner’s section. now here is my first compositing shot HORRAY :thumbsup: !! and i’m actually not just showing it to you so plz don’t just watch it and go 😡 no plz give me ur opinion and criticism and also give me advice on how to make it look better !! and how is my (taxis,cars) roto ? (first time to roto too)
i know it isn’t that good but here is
some information : i knew NOTHING:eek: !!! about 3d,maya,compositing before a month and that’s ma FIRST try so..mmmmmm…………………

plz rate me…. cuz i’d really like to know can i call myself a beginner compositor or i’m even worse ?! am i a very slow learner ??

i didn’t model the dino or texture (add some materials for the mouth and eyes) it but i rigged and animated it and did eveyrhing else in the shot ;D

used maya and after effects

THX in advance

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