Motion Graphics ? [C4D Mograph Plugin]

Hi there.

I’ve been using Cinema 4d for some time, and quite happy with the results I get from it. However, without fumefx and afterburn, sometimes it becomes meaningless to use it.

Ok. Here is my question.

I moved do max for dynamics & simulation capabilities of it (and its plugins). However, this time it became almost impossible to create some complicated motiongraphics with it, although Im not sure if it has a plugin like Cinema4D’s [Maxons’s] MoGraph plugin, which is directly about procedural animation..

Let me ask you one example question, and how can thet be done in MAX:

[With MoGraph plugin of Cinema4D, I could create a movement depending on a waveform of a sound file (using an object called Sound Effector); which is basically getting the equilaser data and uses is as a movement input (to move, scale or rotate the 3d geometry). I want to create a similar effect in MAX; so I thouth there could be equivalent tools to create some advanced motiongraphics like it can be done in Cinema4D’s MoGraph.]

I hope this thread explains my problem well.

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