Looking for a VFX Artist to help me…

Hi, i dont know anywhere else to make this post, other than CGtalk (but got deleted to my frustration) but basically, if anyone has followed my other thread here: http://www.vfxtalk.com/forum/possibl…ng-t17800.html

i am looking for someone who can help me model a kind of facial damage near to the left eye, like bruises, gash or something very much like this if one can replicate it:


keeping it real is important 😀 for those who didnt follow, basically i am doing a small practice and experiment that hopefully if all goes well will be implemented for a small project of mine or that im involve in. i have already created a head model for the actress and a UV Map Layout is on its way to which i will provide, where this will be tracked on the person’s face and blend in seamlessly to give that overall effect that this person has been abused 😀

sorry if the title is abit misleading, but im pretty sure that is a general term. also, if anyone can advice me on as such on this, please dont be afriad of my idiosm 😀 or anything else come forward.

Look forward wearing from all of you, and i thought i would like to take this time to thank Seriphu who has helped me greatly on this and ongoing as well.

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