Keying out Head and background- help, please

Hello All,

Thank you for reading my first post. I am hoping to get some tips and advice from more experienced people on this project that I’m undertaking, in hopes that I won’t feel so overwhelmed 😮

I am beginning a new short film (independent, low budget) that I am shooting and acting in in entirely in front of a green screen. In addition, I have several scenes where I will be "headless" and will need to key it out. I am not replacing the head with anything. In fact there are scenes where I would like to appear as if I’m physically removing it and setting it down, or carrying it. thus the desired end result after keying is just a body, no head, no background. I will be shooting with either a dvx100 or I could possibly borrow an hvx200a. For compositing i have after effects 6.5 (which i’m still learning).

So far i only know as much as that I will need to purchase a chromakey hood- this one is really the only one I’ve been able to find:…d–dsh-/Detail
(i already worry that this particular green is not exactly the same as my green screen, and I’m not sure how much suffering and time that will cost me in post.)

The first question I have is is there a special lighting technique (beyond the usual for lighting subject and greenscreen) that I should be aware of for this special situation where I want to be a) removing the head along with the backdrop but also b) preserving the body
for the special scenes in which i would like the body or another character to be holding the head, what is the best way to go about making them look like, well, they are holding it? Gesturing as if they holding it, and then motion tracking the head to their hand?

I can’t express how much I would appreciate any advice, cautionary tales, suggested tutorials, or instructions.

In general I suppose i’m also asking is how doable is this effect for someone not working within a studio?. Am I nuts to try it? Will it be ridiculously time consuming?

Again, thanks for reading and double thanks in advance for any help!!!!

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