How to paint out markers that involve light interaction?

Ok so i have this shot and i’m trying to remove one marker, ONE SINGLE MARKER, and i don’t have a friggin clue on how to do it (doing this all in fusion 6 btw)

I first tried to create a simple mask around the marker, and like overlay that part with a different part of the footage (no offsetting timelines or what not). that so did not work.

so then i tried to animate masks, animating color curves and brightness, nope that didn’t work.

and finally what i tried was like get a copy of the same footage, offset it and like change the position and orientation so that the light kind of stays the same, and overlay that onto the mask, resulting in the marker being taken out, but no that fails too. since like there’s way too many subtle light changes i can’t really have enough keyfraimes to make it all a smooth transition (though it was the closest result i got)

I’m sure it’s a really simple shot since it’s just ONE marker, but yeah being real inexperienced i really don’t know what to do now. Can anyone suggest any other method i may not have tried? or, what is the actual proper procedure in painting the marker out?

thanks in advance

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