how to achieve this ?? basic compositing question ?!!

well i’m new to compositing so i’ll tell u ma beginner’s way to composite and then ask ma question.
1- i track the camera in boujou and export the camera solve.
2- i download the model i want with it’s textures
3- i rig the model (in a basic way)
4- bring the camera solve (including the fotage) to maya
5- bring ma rig and choose the boujou camera
6- animate it
7- then use render with maya software to the boujou’s camera
8- done
😀 yes i call this compositing 😛
nw ma proplem is how to make something behind somthing i want ma model to go behind a ( wall or a tree or anything that is in the footage not 3d )
HOW PLZ ????
i used to bring the composite footage and the real footage in after effects and then mask parts in or out but it’s really hard cuz the composited footage (slower framerate,different size,different clour tone,other differnces) so when i mask in or out.. the footages don’t match so i need another method (say it in simple words) ;D
plz response ………..thx in advance
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