HD Encoding Recomendations, what I should use?

Hi everyone

I was wondering if you could help me to solve a tricky mistery, at least for me, I’m about to distribute an animation to a couple of friends and maybe other people, I made the video in HD(1080p), rendered, compossed and edited. Now I have a uncompressed format from the video, but I don’t know what kind of codec or tools, I need to make it playable to almost averyone who has mac or pc without the lossing of so much quality, I plan to burn the video as a file and if necessary add the right tools to be seen.

What is what you suggest that I should use? I heard something about H.264, MPG4, Divx, Procoder, Rhozet Carbon Coder, Cinema Craft Encoder,among others, but it is harder to take a good decision, What I would like that my friends experiment when they put the CD/DVD inside their computers, is an ease of use, and a good quality video and playback, I will burn 2 or 3 diferent formats maybe.

I really hope that you can help me or suggest something to me,

ok cya, nice day and best wishes for 2009 year!

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