FCP + AJA Kona = gamma shifts/chroma artifacts

Maybe this is not the best place to post about such thing but I’m trying to look everywhere I can for some help since I’m literary ripping my hairs because of that
I’ve got a problem with Kona card. Its AJA Kona 3 put into 8core MacPro on Tiger OS . I’m using Kona card with FCP environment to capture footage in 8bit uncompressed codec from Sony digibeta deck using SDI. Then I export those files into TGA for compositing in Nuke and AE, There are 2 issues, first one is gamma shift. I’ve attached a link to uncompressed image ( 4xzoom ) to illustrate those problems.


As you can see there is a gamma variation compared to the actual footage that is on digibeta, we checked it twice by ingesting it using flame.

2nd, more disturbing issue are the artifacts in the RGB channels. THe are mostly visible in blue channel.

I tried all things to check out when those thing occur.
Lodead frames in motion captured in Flame – everything was ok until I converted to QT using AJA 8bit uncompressed, after that I get those artifacts. Tried Prores also, same thing. The only way I can work in QT is to use no compression at all – that means no realtime playback. but that solves just half of the problems.

I still need to get footage from tape and record it back. Using AJA card I can only capture/edit to tape using native AJA QT codecs.

My software is up to date, QT is updated as well as drivers from AJA.

I realy have no idea how to fix this problem, and the worst part is that I was hoping to base my work on AJA workflow. Help out.

thanks in advance

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