Compositing live action onto 3d/photoshop background planes

Hey guys

I’ll be directing a short film soon where we’ll combine/integrate live action footage from actors in a green screen studio onto a completly maya/photoshop created scenery.

Even tho I’m "just" the director, I’d like to get to know the compositing proccess as I feel it is important to know at least a little more than "the guy in vfx will do it". and also, I’m still a bit of a nerd and will want to try one or another thing himself 😉

I’ve been searching the internet for tutorials (free & paid) that shows that kind of workflow in some tracking software, photoshop, maya and nuke (preferrebly, as that’s the software our compositor will use) but all I seem to find is about integrating 3d stuff onto live action footage…

any ideas? links? tips?

would be brilliant!

cheers & thx!

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