A Weekend Composite with AE Expressions

Hi guys, here is a small composite i did this weekend (took a break from my busy schedule). Yup, i know we’ve seen many Death Stars hovering over cities before (but not on mine). So i put one in mine.

The new thing that i tried was using expressions for the first time to animate the clock seen in the composite. For those of you who wanna know (i dunno if this is the right forum to post it) here is how i did it:

Create black solid.
Precompose it (not necessarily, but its neat). Open the precomposed comp.
Create a Text layer.
Alt + Click the Source Text option’s stopwatch and enter the following code:

var sec = Math.floor(time);

// Mod sec by 60 else it will keep counting.
var secM = Math.floor(sec % 60);

// Function to get a double digit for numbers less than 10
function appendZeros(Number)
var finNum;
if(Number < 10)
finNum = "0" + Number;
finNum = Number;
return finNum;

// Replace "14" as per your choice
"14" + ":" + appendZeros(secM)


Here is the link to the composited video:


Until next time…

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