Shotgun brings along Amazon Web Services to accelerate multi-region performance

Shotgun Software, developer of cloud-based review and production tracking software, announced that it has leveraged Amazon Web Services to bring an improved experience to customers around the world with new, multiregion hosting.

As production businesses around the world continue to grow, so does the daily volume and size of media uploaded and downloaded from the cloud. In time-critical business such as post-production, speed is essential – including the need for fast media access and retrieval.

The team at Shotgun recently set out to address the challenge of making Shotgun faster for everyone, regardless of location. Shotgun is now offering storage options to customers outside of North America to bring media closer to home, helping to mitigate potential performance delays when media is hosted in another region.

“We are really looking forward to using Shotgun multiregion hosting, as this will reduce the latency here, in Europe, according to the initial benchmark,” said Fix Studio, chief information officer, Maxim Doucet, who has been beta testing the new update in France.

Powered by Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration, new multiregion hosting allows users to choose the S3 region closest to them to store their media. The updates also leverage available bandwidth when uploading files to Amazon S3 to accelerate the transfer of media, page loading when thumbnails are present, and cloud transcoding in supported regions, with the ability to auto-scale.

Available to users today, Shotgun’s latest performance updates include:
• Cloud transcoding across supported regions
• S3 transfer acceleration for all sites
• Ability to host new and existing media in different regions
• Direct media upload to S3

“Our customers span the globe, and while Shotgun already enables them to mirror their pipeline regardless of location, multiregion hosting will allow customers to enjoy the same fast speed and performance with hosted files whether they are based in Europe, Asia or North America,” said Autodesk, Shotgun head of product, James Pycock. “We’ve been able to leverage S3 Transfer Acceleration to make Shotgun collaboration faster and more efficient for facilities everywhere.”

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