It all started with a Sharpie

It all started with a Sharpie. Creatives at Miami Ad School San Francisco have taken the “It Starts with Sharpie” tag line into the past to explore the creative thinking behind three well known logos for Apple, Playboy and The Rolling Stones. Rob Janoff was working for Regis McKenna as an art director in 1977 when he was commissioned to design the Apple logo. John Pasche, who designed the Tongue and Lip Design logo in 1971, began his work while a student at Royal College of Art. The Playboy bunny logo was designed in 1954 by Art Paul, the magazine’s first art director, initially as an endpoint for articles in the second issue.

Apple logo with Sharpie

Rolling Stones Logo with Sharpie

Playboy logo with Sharpie


This campaign was created at Miami Ad School, San Francisco, by copywriter Chamsseddine Abdelhafidh and art director Belén M. Márquez.

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