IKEA Halloween in Store

IKEA Singapore is paying homage to Stanley Kubrik’s cult classic, The Shining, in a Halloween web film set in the iconic IKEA showroom lanes. Danny rides his Big Wheel tricycle in a recreation of the infamous Overlook Hotel scene, with an eery conclusion. Look out for visual cues from the movie, including the twin girls, scrawled word “Redrum” (murder backwards) and the phrase “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. The Halloween campaign is designed to promote IKEA’s daily late night shopping offering of 11pm. A social media video hunt, hosted on the IKEA Singapore web site and Facebook page, invites consumers to spot and win products that appear in the film.

IKEA Halloween Hallway

IKEA Halloween Seek and Win Contest

IKEA Halloween Seek and Win Contest


The IKEA Halloween campaign was developed at BBH Asia Pacific, Singapore, by executive creative director Scott McClelland, art director Marcus Yuen, senior copywriter Angie Featherstone, project director Lesley Chelvan, account managers Manavi Sharma and Jade Cheng, head of planning James Sowden, social strategist Josie Khng, agency producers Daphne Ng and Wendi Chong.

Filming was shot by director Jordan Quellman via Black Sheep Live with producers Bhavna Shivayogimath and Malay Prakash.

The Shining Hallway Scene

The Shining was originally published in 1977 as a novel by Stephen King. Kubrick adapted the book for film for a 1980 release. Danny is the son of Jack and Wendy Torrance, who have taken a caretaking role at a hotel built on an American Indian burial site. Danny reveals psychic abilities, including telepathy, the ability to see ghosts and visions of the past and future. An excerpt from the Rodney Ascher documentary, “Room 237″, shows Danny Torrance (played by Danny Lloyd) on his big wheel tricycle riding through Overlook Hotel in three dream sequences.

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