Lucinella reconnects with her spirit animal (her sister Lore) during a fabulously dreamy Los Angeles vacation. The dream becomes a subtle portrait of sisterly differences when Lucinella finds out Lore spends her days working at CVS and her nights drinking to pass out. GOOSES premieres October 21 on NOBUDGE FILMMAKER MAGAZINE Starring Zena Grey as Lucinella and Katy Knowlton as Lore With Jeremy Chu as Tao and Steve Kohls as Steve Written and Directed by Shawn Sullivan Directed and Edited by Joe Peeler Produced by Conrad Beilharz and Amy Darling Director of Photography Ryan Carmody Steadi-Cam Aaron Smith First Assistant Camera Tyler Graim Production Design by Grace Alie Titles by Emily Goldfarb Music by Aaron Stein-Chester “Innocent Bystanders Watched in Horror as Peter Jennings Drew His Murder Weapon” by Me And Him Call It Us Sound Design and Mix by Nathanael Harrison Desktop Poster Design by Paul Hornschemeier See you in #Gem City View the GOOSES trailer (comprised completely of new footage) at

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