When his cybernetic pet project is put in jeopardy, the handyman of a decaying apartment building is forced to take a stand, blurring the lines between human and machine. FLESH COMPUTER, a short film from writer/director Ethan Shaftel, explores the nature of consciousness by jumping between the perspectives of an eclectic group of characters including a young girl, a vicious bully, and a tiny housefly. Noted philosopher David Chalmers appears in the film and raises some fundamental questions on consciousness in counterpoint to the action. Also starring Rob Kerkovich (NCIS: New Orleans), Anthony Guerino, and introducing Elle Gabriel. More info at www.FleshComputer.com For inquiries, please contact: Evan J. Cholfin, Manager Stories International (310) 596-8045 evan dot cholfin at stories-llc dot com

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