Creatures with Creations

‘Creatures with creations and their segregation of joy’ is the title of a design research on how to embed movement related to expression and emotional release in a daily life. Due to multi functionality of computers and their expansion most people spend their working hours while siting behind a computer. By making an office chair based on the dynamics of the body and linking these body movements to the control of the interface, work can become dynamic and expressive again. An attempt on integrating joy. The prototyping of the chair was done in collaboration with Sami Sabik. Concept by Govert Flint Film by Govert Flint and Zygintas Papartis Production by Ziggy Pictures With the support of Happy Cactus Side kick Marija Puipaite Animations by Jules Bernard and Govert Flint Special thanks to Marjan Ide Camille Bulteau Barreau Ramla Malyar Minona De Lange Main character Minona De Lange Characters Konrad Bialowas Jelle Mastenbroek Emiel Arts Bart Van Uden Sadaf Malyar Mila Chorbadzhieva Arielle Andreotti Pepe Niemeyer Sander Wassink Maayan Pesach Bart De Hartog Billie Van Katwyk Martien Kormeling Thomas Frenkiez Jules Bernard

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