A global artist to perform in space for a science festival?

Festivals that pair science and music have long been stimulating the cosmic spots and whisking people away from the daily monotony. Animating science in a way that opens more frontiers of beauty, science festivals have been striking a chord with even those who will otherwise be loath to watch scientists donning lab-coat while observing electrons under a microscope.

We have heard on the grapevine that a global star is gearing up to perform in space in a never-seen-before spectacle at a Zero G Colony festival which will reportedly be broadcasted live on channels across the planet.

Bridging the gap between humanities and science, Zero G Colony is going to explore astronomical possibilities, setting an unprecedented benchmark in the way festivals are conducted.

Recently we spoke to Virgin Galactic & Zero-G Colony distribution consultant George Sakalli to know more about the forthcoming event.

We heard about the unique and astronomical feature of the music & science festival. Could you tell us as to what it is called?

The festival is called Zero G Colony, in association with Virgin Galactic. We’re building a city for 20,000 ‘citizens’ alongside Spaceport America, the spacecraft launch site.

What is the aim of the festival?
This is a celebration of human achievement and the aspiration of youth and innovation. Now, anyone can go into space.

Is it an annual event?
Yes, for a minimum of five years

Who all are involved in this event?
Virgin Galactic, owned by Sir Richard Branson, has licensed the rights to a company called One Giant Gig For Mankind Ltd, led by some of the world’s leading event and festival organisers, with close ties to top superstars. There will be leading scientists, inventors, innovators and freethinkers involved in a huge science expo. This will run alongside a multistage live music festival with top stars from around the world. One of these stars will be the first to sing in space as they will be in the spacecraft as it launches on the final day of the festival. My colleague, Chris Steward and I are working with Virgin and One Giant Gig to promote and distribute the content around the world.

When is the event going to be held?
September 2020

Could you tell us to the whereabouts of the festivals and the countries you are planning to broadcast this in?
This festival will be held next to Spaceport America in the New Mexico desert. We are discussing broadcast rights with all major broadcasters around the world.

Could you name a few personalities who will grace/speak at/perform at the event?
This is currently under embargo but it will involve top scientists, inventors, mentors, freethinkers and AAA superstars

Are the preparations or the pre-requisite training underway for the event?
Yes, much if the planning is in place. There have already been several successful test flights, the last of which have been with manned spacecraft – the first from US soil since the Space Shuttle stopped operating in 2011.  Sir Richard Branson is currently training for his journey in the craft.

Give us an estimate of the event’s budget?
Difficult to say. Naturally, the Virgin Galactic programme runs into many $billions. The event will run into many $millions.

The prospect of a global star going to perform at a science festival is exhilarating enough. We hope witness the grand event on an Indian channel.

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