After Effects Handheld Camera Script & Tutorial

Hey all, I made this awhile ago, but am still spreading the word because it is a useful piece. The decription and links are below. Thanks.

Introducing a script that creates an AE camera that not only has handheld motion, but can be easily adjusted to mimic a variety of camera motion effects like running, being on a gravel road or even being intoxicated to name a few.

The tutorials have been split into two major segments, “How To Install – Handheld Camera” covers the installation of this filter/script. It is very important that you view and follow this process before attempting to use the script. The other tutorial “How To Use The Script” helps you understand how the effect works and how it can be adjusted as well as some of it’s quirks you will run into.

The tutorials are offsite, but worth looking at. 😉
Handheld Camera Script

I also have other tutorials on my blog:
AE I Owe You

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