multiprocessing in CS3

Hey guys this my question

when you enable multiprocessing in AE it says that in order to get better performance from
the instances of AE you need a minimum of 400mb but if you want better speed you should reduce the ram available to your main Ae instance in order to free up the space for the instances

so if you run a 3gb ram system and you have a 2core processor then the main instance of AE would be set to max ram usage which is under 3gb and the second instance would only have 400 mg available this option i understand will make it run slower

so having the main instance only use 2gb would free up a gig for the second instance and then Ae would run faster

my question is this .. i run a 4 core system with 8gb of ram
so my main instance runs at full ram cap on a 64bit system and that leaves 5 gb free
so dose that mean the other instances dont get any ram becouse my first one is set to max and AE cant acces more then 3gb or not

I allso read that every AE instance will open its on 3g of max ram so techencliy Ae would be able to utilaze more then 3gb or ram
any ways i am ranting my quesiton is on my 8gb system do i keep the use max ram on my settings and the other ae instances will use the rest of the free ram or do i need to drop it to like 2gb or somthing so the other instances work faster couse my AE is not working as fast is id like it has truble with like a DV comp somethings and i think i am just setting something up wrong

Thanks guys

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