[CS3] Single Frame render different from Video Render

I’ve noticed a few times now that render errors can appear when rendering to video, but the broken frames are fine when rendering single frame. This topic is for reporting such errors. Because if your project requires a long render time, it’s good to know in advance what should be rendered to single frames.

These aren’t user errors as the frames are fine both during noncached preview and single frame render. Render to Video is where it goes wrong somehow.

Earlier I found that rotoscoping inside subcomps sometimes causes the mask to apply itself too early or late, causing ofcourse horrible results.

Now I found another such bug. I animated the Offset Turbulence property of some Fractal Noise by the expression “[time*6000,0]”. at approximately frame 90, the noise stops animating in my video. It works fine using the script in the above mentioned topic.

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